1992 Primera 4x4 HB 1/256

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  • kubek, I tried to do the same as you and had no problems with our driver's side.

    But the passenger side I received was made of plastic and didn't fit properly. I think I asked in the states and I was told that every right usdm base was the same.

    Was yours 100% metal?

  • ok i can only talk from the p11 but the base from the passenger side is not needet from the g20

    is see enough only the driverside angle is useless so i changed the base from the driverside

    PRIMERA P11 the dark night "edition"


  • Glad to hear you are satisfied but I seriously recommend the jdm power folding mirrors, even if they have to be customized to fit properly in LHD cars.

    May be one time, mate, and of course both with heating and folding. But not for this car. I think I should try to find new stock parts, if it still posible.

    Thank you for attention, gentlemen. There are some new pictures.






    Chassis is almost prepared to welding.

  • New parts are always nice parts.

    But what's happening with the nissangold? (rust)

    Neue unbezahlte Autos kann Jeder fahren...