P10 Hella Nebelscheinwerfer?!

Ihr habt Spam übers Nissanboard erhalten ?

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  • As many of you know I have P10 brochures/prospects of all over the world.

    In three of them, all Europeans, are shown as optional parts, just beside the oem fog lamps, a set of optional Hella DE fog lamps.

    Tbh I've never seen a set of these in the flesh, but surprisingly I've jumped over a bnib set Wich I'm going to receive by the end of the week.

    Are these Hella DE fogs common over there?

    Pics? All comments welcome.


  • Heyjo,

    probably during the 80s and early 90s Hella was THE symbol for racing and fog lights.

    They usually were optional or even - for the cool kids - later added with a huge "chunky" flip switch.

    Probably the 1996 P11 was the first car I remember with factory installed fog lights without the Hella logo, and other car markers followed.

    The Hella stuff went away and was replaced by factory installed ones.

    Rallye cars usually had an armada of additional lights for night runs, and they all displayed the HELLA logo prominently.

    Yellow ones are probably still a bit "en vogue" in the norther countries or Russia.