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    Grab this job lot from a dealer next to be locked, everything brand new in box .


    SR20 DE/DI valve cover gasket kit, the valve cover one + the 4 sparks + the center bolt one. 13270-53J05+(X4)13271-53J02+13270-53J13 25€

    Gearbox Clutch Cable 30770-94J11 25€

    Lid with the sunroof switch, map lights and switches. 26430-90J00 25€

    Headgasket 11044-70J02 30€

    Intake Manifold Gasket 14035-64J00 10€

    SR20DI Singlepoint Insulator/Heater 1617460J11 25€

    Might do discounts if u grab more than one!!

    A small dealership next to me is going to close due to Covid recession and has stored a genuine air conditioning P10 KIT brand new in box, part number B7000-50J00, as far as I know these were very expensive, more or less 1400€. I think I can get it for around 300€

    I dont want it since my car has it from factory, only want to share with u guys just in case someone wants to grab a bargain


    I remember you that fast DHL delivery service was paid in November...

    Last message in December they told me they will receive the 2 hoses in early January 2021, I said OK I will wait.

    Yesterday I write them asking for info, and they answer this:


    Still on back order.

    We will come back to you as soon as the part is available again.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Ihr Teile-Profis-Team

    So I write again asking to explain the sentence "as soon as the part is available again" because they told me they had the hoses in November...

    They answer this:

    Nobody can tell us yet when these parts will be available again, maybe next week, maybe next year.

    Are they kidding???!!! What a gang of bastards! I've asked for my money back.

    Sorry, here in Spain, auto P10 are rarer than hens teeth. I've only seen one in my whole life.

    The footrest and pedals in the picture (previous page) are OEM? That 10 is a PH. III, right? In auto PH. I&II are exactly the same?

    That gas pedal can be fitted in a manual granny P10?


    Back side reinforced with fiberglass to prevent cracks

    The result is ugly and thanks to a SAAB 900 SE donor, will be covered with magnificent swedish leather.

    Spending the morning dyeing to charcoal grey and giving the backside a proper finish.

    Unfortunately the holidays are over and I still have to crew the cars and give the whole thing a proper finish...but today is the day to clean the house and resume with the annoying daily problems again...

    Appreciate your interest guys!

    This morning I went to the pharmacy again, to get the third syringe... Geek the 10ml ones I use are sold out and I have only been able to get a 1ml one, clearly insufficient.

    The clerk has suggested the possibility of going to another pharmacy but i prefer not to buy syringes or condoms where they dont know me LOL so I´ll have to wait another week until they receive a new batch.

    Spent the morning restoring the sides in matt dark brown.

    Enlarged holes, still unfinished. Also applyed a dyeing coat to test it.

    More or less this is the idea, need to give it a proper finish of course.

    The holes are irregular to give the impression that the cars are "emerging" from the wood.