Driver's glove box: Double DIN conversion

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  • I've allways thought that this glovebox was completely useless.

    Trying to do a double din conversion to fit the oem optionals accoustic zoom and the graphic equalizer. A lot of dremmel cutting + fiberglassing is required, spraying, dyeing...

    This will take weeks to be finished but think will look the nuts.


  • Been busy yesterday and this morning but I'm very happy with the results.

    The structure is very solid, a lot of fiberglass, putty and plastic but it does the work.

    Now the «cosmetic thing» must be done and that is a lot of work too because I like the oem looking, probably will take a rest during a few weeks.

    Fingers crossed, but this mod.dreamed over the years will be getting true soon.

  • Just when I thought it was ready for the finish steps, another idea came to my head, integrate the alarm plug and a second alarm led.

    Pass the last sunday with the putty again.

  • Near finished, wiring done and now aplying multi coats of satin lacquer to get a proper plastic finish.

    Hope you guys like, spent hours and hours sanding to get this result. Believe me it looks a oem part.